Talk on September 4th in Lincoln, NE

I am thrilled to share that on Friday, September 4, 2015, I will present a lecture that coincides with an exhibition of my quilts at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, NE.

Details below. More information is available on the IQSC&M website here.


Friday, September 4, 2015 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Reception Hall
International Quilt Study Center & Museum, University of Nebraska
1523 N. 33rd St., Lincoln, NE 68583
Phone: 402-472-6549

About the Lecture
Why do quilts still fascinate us? Is it the stories they tell, some of which are known and documented, while others are locked and embedded within multiple layers? Do they remind us of family members, of a particular time, place, or history? Is it how they look and how sometimes they resemble or remind us of paintings or artwork? What’s on the back? And why did she make it that way? What if we take the time to deeply look, to closely examine our perceptions of what a quilt is and how it is “supposed” to look or how it is displayed? Might we see them differently and gain a new perspective and appreciation?

In sharing about these quilts in the exhibition, awesome SF quilts come to Lincoln, Roderick Kiracofe’s lecture will unlock some of these hidden histories and stories. His recent book, Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar 1950—2000, explores contemporary attitudes and artistic strategies that are exchanged between quiltmaking and art practices. Similarly, his acclaimed publication, The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort 1750—1950, and its companion, Cloth & Comfort: Pieces of Women’s Lives from Their Quilts and Diaries, explore the lives of women who have sustained the American tradition of quilting.

This lecture and admission to the museum are free. This program is funded in part by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.