"What's on the back?" in Quiltmania

I am thrilled to share that Quiltmania has featured my article, "What's on the back?" in its January/February 2016 issue. The two spreads are beautifully laid out and include the front and back pairs of some of my favorites. I love seeing them in conversation with each other like the Crazy Log Cabin, variation's repeating pinks, reds, and violets and the soft hues in the back of the Dresden Plate quilt. Check out the issue to see more!

As I began to form the collection in 2004, many quilts were double-sided or had pieced backs of printed cloth. This was unlike the usual plain white muslin backing or the few panels of a colored fabric. I wondered: Is the backing of a quilt only an after-thought for the maker? Is her reaction to ‘just get this over and done with’? Or rather, does she think, ‘Oh, great! Another surface I get to create on!’ Even though the backs of quilts go unseen, what could be the motivations for finishing the back as wonderfully (or perhaps in a more restrained fashion) as the front?
— Roderick Kiracofe, "What's on the back?"