Quilt donation to Newark Museum features bow ties & spider webs

I am extremely pleased to share that two of my quilts, Spider Web and Bow Tie, have been donated to the Newark Museum. There everyone can continue to be enjoy them and all their brilliant tones. The Newark Museum was the first major museum in the United States to begin collecting quilts in 1918. It is thrilling for my two quilts to be part of this legacy.

As I mentioned, Ulysses Grant Dietz is one of my favorite curators. He is known for being a very stylish curator in the museum world, and his signature is the bow tie. He currently is the Chief Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts at the Newark Museum. I will now forever connect him with my beloved Bow Tie quilt.

The Spider Web quilt was one of the quilts Ulysses used in his essay for Unconventional & Unexpected. He informed me it was one of his favorites in the book. What better quilt to give in his honor for the incredible work he has done for the Newark Museum, as well as for the field of Decorative Arts. Ulysses retires this year and will be given the well-earned title of Curator Emeritus.

Spider Web
c. 1975 – 2000
Pieced. Cotton, blends. Hand and machine quilted. Backing is single printed fabric. Applied binding
86 x 73 inches
Origin and Maker unknown, purchased from a dealer in Texas

Published in Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts below the Radar 1950-2000 (2014), page 144

Bow Tie
c. 1940- 1960
Pieced. Cotton. Hand quilted. Single printed cotton backing brought to front
89 x 75 inches
Origin and Maker unknown